The Top Five Questions from SPI 2015

By: Joshua Stacy | April 26, 2016

After three days on the show floor and a few hours enjoying the magic of Disney’s California Adventure, SPI’s excellent adventure came to a close. The booth served as an educational destination for solar installers throughout the world looking to optimize their PV business. To continue the education, SolarEdge has compiled a list of the top five questions that industry professionals asked at our booth during the show.


5 FAQs at SPI


1: "So, what's new this year?"


This year at SPI, we are happy to announce HD-Wave technology – a new way to create higher-efficiency, lower-weight inverters based on a new approach to creating the AC wave form. While advances have been made in the solar inverter space throughout the years, the large size of magnetics and cooling components have significantly limited any leapfrogging in the inverter space. SolarEdge’s new HD-Wave technology will dramatically reduce the size of the inverter's magnetics by means of advanced digital processing. At the same time, the new technology is designed to increase reliability and optimize the performance of solar energy systems to 99% efficiency and beyond, an increase that will provide more solar power at lower cost.
Click HERE to watch our video announcement.


2: "Does SolarEdge offer a solution for energy storage?"


StorEdge™ is SolarEdge’s all-in-one solution that uses a single grid-tied DC optimized inverter to manage and monitor both solar generation and energy storage. The StorEdge™ solution provides Homeowners with backup power to pre-selected loads in the event of grid interruption. Smart energy management allows storing of solar energy in a battery to meet export limitations, offer demand response and peak shaving, and perform time of use shifting for reduced electric bills.

3: "How can the SolarEdge commercial solutions reduce my costs?"

SolarEdge has extended our line of three-phase commercial inverters including the new 14.4kW and 33.3kW models. Together with the SolarEdge P600 and P700 power optimizers, these inverters can minimize the number of required inverters, allow up to 2.5 times longer strings compared to traditional inverters, and reduce system LCOE.
SolarEdge’s commercial offering, including existing and new products, has the potential to improve your bottom line and asset management.



4: "What communication options are available for SolarEdge?"

SolarEdge offers myriad ways to connect to our monitoring portal such as hardwire, wireless ZigBee and now, cellular. Our cellular kit uses the widely available CDMA network to enable Internet connectivity from the inverter to the SolarEdge Cloud-based Monitoring Platform with no need to rely on the homeowner’s internet connection.  The cellular modem is installed directly inside the SolarEdge inverter and connected to an external antenna, simplifying the communication set up and saving on installation time.

5: "Are you hiring?"

Short answer: Yes. SolarEdge is constantly seeking energetic, talented individuals who are looking for challenging opportunities in this continuously growing industry. We invite you to build your career with us at SolarEdge. The North American office is selectively seeking professionals for sales and marketing, customer support, operations, and G&A. Want an optimized career in the solar industry? If so, go ahead and take a peek at our available positions.

BONUS Question: "Where can I learn more about SolarEdge?"

The best way to learn more about SolarEdge is to attend our training sessions. We hold training throughout the US, Canada and Mexico in a number of cities. Check our schedule for trainings HERE.
In addition, the SolarEdge Alliance Program is a great way to reward your team with gifts. Every kW that you install and register on the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal earns your company 15 alliance points. You can redeem your accumulated points for a variety of attractive gifts.
See you next year!!


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