Solar Energy is a Blessing to Spring Glen Church

By: Joshua Stacy | May 28, 2015

Spring Glen Church first began researching a solar system in 2008.  However, the idea remained dormant for several years. It was only through Connecticut’s new Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECs) program that the project became viable. Unfortunately, during the first year of the ZREC program, Spring Glen Church was not selected due to the overwhelming number of applicants.  But, faith in solar was rewarded in 2014 when the Hamden, Connecticut church’s application was selected for the number one slot in the ZRECs lottery. Now, the church will receive a fixed price for the credits earned from solar energy production from Connecticut’s public utilities for over 15 years.

“We are very excited about helping protect the Earth by providing nearly all of our electrical needs through clean solar energy,” said church member Ron Offutt.

Church members donated over $20,000 for the solar system and Spring Glen Church borrowed the remaining balance from its endowment fund. The church now enjoys a significantly reduced electric bill, and is expected to witness a small net increase in its annual budget thanks to solar energy!  The expected small addition to the annual budget will be used to further 'green' the church through energy conservation measures like purchasing energy efficient appliances, installation of motion sensors, improved insulation, and weather stripping.

Offutt says the best part is, “our 118 clean energy producing solar panels reduce our carbon footprint by about 48,000 pounds of carbon annually; that's equal to burning 23,000 pounds of coal. Or in other words, Spring Glen Church has just freed up 14 football fields of forest to now breathe easy.”

The 32.45 kW (DC) system installed by Sunlight Solar energy will cover 97% of the church’s yearly electricity usage. The project used three SolarEdge SE9K inverters and 59 P600s SolarEdge power optimizers coupled with 118 SolarWorld SW275 panels. 

“We chose SolarEdge for this large project due to the amount of flexibility it offered for the array design. We anticipate that SolarEdge will increase our energy production and add to the value of the system.”  Zak Poston, Director of Operations, Sunlight Solar Energy.

Site: Spring Glen Church
Location: Hamden, Connecticut
Installer: Sunlight Solar Energy
System Size: 32.45 kW (DC)
Optimized Inverter Solution: 3x SE9Ks and 59 P600s
Modules: SolarWorld

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