SolarEdge Home Gateway Kit

The SolarEdge Home Gateway kit is used to wirelessly connect any SolarEdge inverter to the internet through the homeowner’s router.  The Home Gateway sits next to the router and can transmit and receive signals from as many as 15 inverters or other SolarEdge devices.  

The Home Gateway kit features an improved communication range of 50 meters indoors and 400 meters outdoors by utilizing an external antenna on the inverter. 

Wi-Fi Communication Solution

The Wi-Fi Communication Solution enables wireless communication between the SolarEdge inverter and a Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi solution is installed in the inverter, saving the time and cost associated with installing an Ethernet connection. 
The following Wi-Fi Communication Solution options are available:

SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway

The SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway expands the SolarEdge monitoring and control capabilities. It can be connected to SolarEdge and non-SolarEdge inverters, environmental sensors and revenue meters and can transfer the monitoring data to the SolarEdge monitoring server and optionally, to a non-SolarEdge logger.

The Control and Communication Gateway has an interface that allows for controlling of the SolarEdge inverters' power.

Feature Highlights:

  • Wireless connections

  • RS485 to Ethernet converter

Firefighter Gateway

The Firefighter Gateway provides centralized safety management of SolarEdge systems.

Firefighters can immediately stop production of a SolarEdge PV system, either manually through an emergency stop button or automatically through a Fire Alarm Control Panel System.

This reduces string voltage to a safe voltage using the unique SafeDC™ feature.

Feature Highlights:

  • Manual & Automatic system DC Shutdown

  • Real time indication of system DC voltage for safety assurance

  • Emergency stop button for the entire PV system

RS485 Uitbreidingskit

De RS485 uitbreidingskit zorgt voor een extra RS485-poort in de omvormer voor een betere en uitgebreidere communicatie met meedere SolarEdge omvormers. De kit bevat een module die geïnstalleerd wordt op de communicatiekaart en heeft een 3-pins RS485 aansluiting.

GSM Cellular Modem

The GSM Cellular Modem provides wireless communication between the inverter and the SolarEdge monitoring server. All SolarEdge inverters are available with a built-in GSM modem. The modem is pre-installed inside the SolarEdge inverter and connected to an external antenna, simplifying the communication setup and saving on installation time.