June 2015

  • Arkadia Shopping Center Accessorizes with Solar Energy

    By: Joshua Stacy | June 19, 2015 | Comments (0) | Tweet This
    When it comes to designing an energy efficient structure, there are few alternatives as powerful as harnessing the sun’s energy.  Especially when the structure is situated in sun soaked Guatemala.   To achieve this feat, the developers of a new Guatemala City shopping center, Arkadia, decided to incorporate solar energy into the design.  Now, the Arkadia shopping center visitors can shop for internationally famous brands, enjoy a movie at the theater, and marvel at one of Central America’s largest solar rooftop systems. Read more
  • How to Ground SolarEdge Power Optimizers

    By: Dru Sutton | June 11, 2015 | Comments (0) | Tweet This
    THE SOLAREDGE GROUNDING GUIDEIn response to requests from installers, we wanted to put all of our latest grounding techniques into one single document. We are excited to announce many new grounding options available to support the growing number of racking solutions on the market. Read more